Building a new 13th Century edifice, stone by stone


Model made by Jim, Solène and Thomas

Building the Dream...

In 1993, paleontologist Donald Russell started designing a Gothic-inspired edifice after spending fifteen years studying Gothic architecture at the Sorbonne University in Paris.

Now almost three decades later, thanks to the incredible generosity of donors and its tireless volunteer workforce, the dream is nearly fulfilled, rising stone by stone from the heart of the French countryside.

Upon completion (targeted for 2028), the Opus Gothique will open to all as a non-profit museum promoting 13th-century architecture and stone carving techniques.

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Opus Gothique

BBC video - September, 2021

Ils construisent un château médiéval OKLM 😲

Le Média Pour Tous présenté par Vincent Lapierre - Apr 15, 2022


Calling All Volunteers!

Since 2008, Opus Gothique has relied on enthusiastic builders and doers from around the world to help bring this crazy vision to life... we couldn't do it without you!

The work is no walk in the park, though; volunteers are expected to contribute 30 hours/week lugging granite, carving stone, and laying mortar, among other responsibilities. Expect to eat well, sleep well, and wake up sore, taking comfort in the knowledge that your contributions will last centuries.

But if you think you've got what it takes, we'd love for you to join the crew! No prior experience is required, but a can-do attitude is a must 👊.

View the short video made by a volunteer to get a better idea.

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Culture at Opus Gothique

Educational program

We host vocational students interested in masonry, stone carving, and Gothic architecture. All accommodation provided. Contact us at for more information.

Photography, film, artists, musicians

Event venue available for artistic use by organizations/clubs for a nominal fee. Contact for more information.