Building a Medieval Edifice, Stone by Stone 


Model made by Jim, Solène and Thomas

Building the Dream

Created as a tribute to 13th century Gothic architecture, Opus Gothique is the result of one man's passion and ambition. Donald Russell, the man behind this incredible project, spent fifteen years studying Gothic architecture at the Sorbonne University in Paris before designing and hand carving over 9,000 stones, starting in 1993. Inspired by his dedication, it was his children, Sam and Suzi, who decided to bring their father's vision and years' worth of work to life. Construction began in 2008, turning this dream into an emerging reality.

It was not only his children that Donald inspired, but also donors and volunteers from around the world, unique individuals brought together by a common passion and held together by the sense of family that everyone here at Opus creates in this magical part of rural France. Opus Gothique is more than just a project or a construction site, but rather a multicultural experience and community brought about by all of our wonderful volunteers and primarily supported by your generous donations.

We are aiming to create a long-lasting homage to Medieval architecture that, upon completion, will be open to all as a non-profit museum, whose stones retell the history of not only the 13th century, but also of the community of people from all over the world who placed them.

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Opus Gothique 


September, 2021

Ils construisent un château médiéval OKLM 😲

Le Média Pour Tous (présenté par Vincent Lapierre)

April 15, 2022

Opus Gothique in the News

Additional Opportunities

Educational Program

We host vocational students interested in masonry, stone carving, and Gothic architecture. 

All accommodation provided. Contact for more information.


Film, Art, Music

Event venue available for artistic use by organizations/clubs for a nominal fee. Contact for more information.