Volunteer Reviews


Spain - 2021

My son and I spent two weeks at Opus Gothique. It rained cats and dogs sometimes, we get used to some mud and discovered sore muscles that we didn't know we had… but we wished we could have stayed longer. The growing gothic edifice, being as impressive as it is, is dwarfed by the unlikely, inspiring and welcoming group of people formed by Don, Sam and the British residents and regular volunteers, Jim and Mark, plus the extra visit of ever smiling Sam's sister. We loved the work and learned a lot, but if you finally go you will soon learn that the best is the flesh and blood behind the stone.


USA - 2021

It was an incredible privilege to join the Opus Gothique team, if only for 3 short weeks. Sam & co were so warm and welcoming, thrilled to host volunteers and share their vision. You could feel the energy and excitement rising, not just onsite, but with every interview request, Truly inspiring.


USA - 2021

Opus Gothique was one of my most unique life experiences. Starkly different from any Workaway I've participated in. A 13th century edifice built from the ground up. 

Being a part of this project was a moment in my life. I've long admired ancient architecture and to aid in the replication of some is a rare thing.


Argentina - 2021

Opus Gothique is a travel through time and a beautiful experience immersed in the thicket of french hills. Generosity and kindness is something that you will find everyday here. Collaboration can be in multiples ways and I don't want to forget what the stone taught me about working with time and patience. The strength that have the dreams when you work hard and with passion for it is something that you can see here too, and that was inspiring for me.  I will treasure this experience forever.


Italy - 2021

This was My first experience as volunteer in Worldpacker and it was awesome!! Opus has a beautiful goal, and involve the effort of great people, Mark and Sam are great and also they're always sharing their experience and teach You new skills. it was great be in a quiet place and learn about the art of carving, I'm very grateful for this experience.


Romania - 2021

One of the best experiences of my life. I found this experience liberating, and I gained new perspectives about life. The Morvan Natural Park is beautiful. I went jogging during those days and I had the chance to see rabbits, deers, lakes and beautiful forests. The villages are lovely.


Chile - 2022

One of the best experiences of my life. I found this experience liberating, and I gained new perspectives about life. The Morvan Natural Park is beautiful. I went jogging during those days and I had the chance to see rabbits, deers, lakes and beautiful forests. The villages are lovely.


Cambodia - 2022

It’s my first ever volunteer with Worldpackers and the opus gothique provide me a really good experience that I will never forget about it. I have done many different kind of task that I have never done before and I learnt a lot from it. During my time there, I ate a lot of delicious food and the accommodation was so comfortable , and warm during this winter period.

Thank you for everything that you provide to me Sam, Jim who I spent most of my time there with and quite sad that I could only meet Mark for one day.


Mexico - 2022

An unforgettable experience.

Being in Opus Gothique is like being with family, Suzy as coordinator of events and tourist places is incredible, she always sees that you feel comfortable, she is always aware of even the smallest detail. Jim is the one who will support you throughout the construction process, with a lot of patience and a lot of fun, P.S. things that make him very happy is the food. Mark is the star chef of that place, he enjoys cooking and loves what he does, without a doubt it shows in the taste of his dishes, I hope that one day he will take out his recipe book.

Matilde, Anna, Esben

Denmark - 2021

We had a wonderful stay at this place and were amazed by the fact that we could take part in such a crazy and unique project. We were three friends who had our first Workaway experience together and we all enjoyed our stay. We got to meet lovely people from different parts of the world and there was always a good atmosphere in the canteen which also was the only spot with wifi. We would recommend staying here while there are other volunteers, we had a great time socializing with the other volunteers and of course with Sam and Mark who contributed to making the stay as good as possible. Mark and Sam used a great time of their spare time going places with us and we had a lot of good times with them. It is the perfect stay for someone who enjoys the exceptional and would like to put their mark on something that will last for centuries. You have to enjoy working because there is always plenty to do, however, you have a tremendous influence on what work to do and your individual skills are much appreciated. We would however have loved a bit more transparency on what was expected by us as volunteers.

Thank you very much for the interesting stay... we'll love to come back and see how the project is doing in the future :))

Gyongy (Eva) & Akos

Hungary - 2022

We spent two weeks at this place, and it was overall a wonderful experience. It's true that at the beginning we were a bit disappointed, but it was mainly because of the bad weather (snow in April!), and the resulting fact, that it was too cold to actually work on the edifice. However we had a loads of other stuff to do (like renovating the new dormitory), or building level ground for future outdoor dinings and gatherings. Ákos very much enjoyed driving Isabella (the excavator), and I could learn a bit about stone carving while realizing my very first sculpture.

Mark and Sam were both really welcoming and they even took us trips on the weekend with other Workawayers.

There was always plenty of food for everybody, and we could mutually learn from each other in the kitchen.

And even though we didn't work on the actual edifice, the project itself amazed us and we are happy to have been able to contribute to the comfort of the future volunteers!


USA - 2022

Respective staff and volunteers make for an exceptional WorkAway experience in the French countryside.

Prior to my arrival, I agreed to spend approximately two months with the intended goals of (1) improving my French language skills and (2) gaining rudimentary knowledge in the field of masonry. Through daily work and interactions with staff/volunteers, my goals were achieved. Furthermore, and quite possibly more importantly, my experience was one that enriched my human experience. Sam, Jim, Mark, Donald, and Susie are incredible human beings whose life experiences and knowledge made for an array of great conversations and meaningful memories. In addition to the staff members, the volunteers who filter in and out are great human beings whose personalities and experiences facilitate a healthy, fun working/living environment.

Work on the edifice is physically demanding and requires a positive attitude. However, if you bring a healthy body and an open mindset, your time will create memories that last a lifetime.

Sam, Jim, Mark, Donald, and Susie, thank you, again, for the lovely experience.

All my best, Will


France - 2022

Everyone was very nice and welcoming !
Really fun to learn about stone sculpting !
Glad I did this 👍🏻

Ana Carolina

Brazil - 2022

É uma experiência para aprender novas habilidades, é a oportunidade de fazer parte de um projeto incrível e cheio de detalhes feito com muito amor da parte de todos os envolvidos, eu recomendo bastante para quem quer aprender novas habilidades de construção e quem quer se conectar com a natureza. Não é a melhor opção se você pretende visitar outras cidades nos fins de semana, pois nenhum ônibus ou trem passa na vila, mas fora isso, os anfitriões, Sam, Mark, Suzi e Jim são pessoas incríveis e atenciosas, são ótimos líderes e sempre são pacientes e claros com os voluntários e nos ensinam tudo.


USA - 2022

Opus Gothique is a great project with a remarkable family (the Russells) and friends (Mark and Jim) at the center of it. The work is physically demanding, but very worthwhile as you can see the progress you have made immediately in the rising structure. The hosts are good at encouraging the work and ensuring that all is done safely. Their approach brings out the best in people, and a real sense of teamwork develops quickly among the volunteers with their guidance.


Sweden - 2022

It was a  really cool experience I got to meet amazing people from all over the world we instantly became family. To get to build something thats going to last all while laughing and having fun with friends was very rewarding and I would recommend this experience for any one. 10/10

Go Opus!!


Denmark - 2022

I spent 10 days in the French countryside with an amazing crew of volunteers and hosts. I learned how to build walls in granite and did a bunch of moving rocks with the small tractor and by hand. In the evenings and weekends, there is the possibility of learning to carve stones, create things in metal in the forge or just relax and enjoy nature and the very clear night skies. It is hard to build with rocks, but it has been extremely satisfying. And the energy and motivation from Sam, Suzi, Mark and Jim is fantastic. Will definitely visit again!


South Africa - 2022

My time at Opus Gothique was just amazing! Everyone is so welcoming and I learnt so many new skills. The location is a dream and the trip felt too short. I’d definitely recommend this for first time Worldpackers volunteers. I’ll be back for sure. Special thanks to Suzi for being so accommodating and kind :)


USA - 2022

When I signed up for Worldpackers, this is the kind of place I was hoping to come across. Everyone was so welcoming and warm, and I felt very safe and comfortable here. The work was challenging but very rewarding. I learned a lot about masonry and living a different kind of lifestyle than I am used to. I am so happy I decided to apply to work here. I met so many people from all over the world. I hope to come back in the future and bring friends and family to show them what I was apart of. Thank you Don for having this dream and making this possible!


Germany - 2022

I had the best volunteering-experience so far at the place. Sam, Suzi and Mark are incredibly nice and care a lot about the volunteers. The other volunteers were from all parts of the world and made the time extra special.

The work is physically demanding but fun and it's really great to be a part of this amazing project.

I will never forget the rock-parties, evenings of laughter and card games and the starry sky.

Hope I will be able to come back next year!


UK - 2022

Opus Gothique was my first volunteer exchange and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. From the second I arrived I felt welcome and appreciated, and all of the staff and volunteers were wonderful.

Sam and his sister Suzi are some of the most positive and friendly people I have ever met and are super passionate about their father’s vision. Mark is an excellent cook and Jim is an incredibly knowledgable, friendly and open minded individual. There is always food, clean running water, toilet facilities and great company.

Thank you all for an unforgettable 3 weeks!


Italy - 2022

This was my first experience as a volunteer, and it has been far above my expectations. Opus Gothique is an amazingly ambitious project that brings together people from all around the world. I've learnt how to build a wall, carve the stone and even drive a tractor! I met people whom I never forget and that made me feel part of a big family.
The only suggestion I would like to make would be the overall hygiene condition of the dorm and the canteen. Small habits and little rules can make a huge difference!
Thank you Sam, Jim, Mark and Suzi. You are the best :)


Peru - 2022

I had a really great and fun time in Opus Gothique! Everyone treated me like family and I felt very at peace and comfortable. It was a very rewarding experience because I got to help them in my craft which is Social Media & Marketing, so I was really passionate about the job and the project!

I met many wonderful people from around the world and had a great time getting to know this region of France and practicing my French! I definitely want to come back in the future and see how this amazing project is developing and growing. Thank you, Sam, Jim, Mark, Suzy and everyone in the Opus team!


Uruguay - 2022

My time at Opus Gothique was awesome! I’m really happy this was my first volunteering experience, the team is great and the group of volunteers I had the chance to meet was super nice. The project is incredibly interesting and I feel super happy to have contributed for at least a couple of days. The work is challenging but if the vibe of the group is good the time moves so quickly! Building walls is like making a 3D puzzle, fun!

Much love, Flor


USA - 2022

One of the best experiences of my life. I learned so much from Sam and Jim, and you can tell they care deeply about their volunteers and are willing to do anything to make them feel comfortable and safe. The work isn't too hard and theres always good food afterwards. Mark's cooking is phenomenal!

They do many activities with their volunteers and I never felt bored. The surrounding nature is beautiful and theres plenty of time for yourself to do whatever. Opus Gothique will always have a special place in my heart. I will definitely return someday!


France - 2022

Opus Gothique is one the most ambitious art projects I have seen in my life and I felt fortunate to contribute a little bit. The task at hand is massive but satisfying at the same time, so come work and learn new skills, you won't regret it! The team is amazing and will welcome you with open arms and delicious food, making you feel at home right away. It was wonderful to meet volunteers from all over the world and share stories. Be warned that the place is remote, so the weekend break is more likely to be a relaxing afternoon by the lake than clubbing all night... Thanks and see you next year!


Brazil - 2022

The best experience of my life. My first volunteering and recommended to everyone, what an amazing place, sensational people. Suzi and Sam literally make you feel part of the family and the place. People from all countries gathered always in connection with nature, respecting and sharing their cultures. I will definitely be back!

The love that is in that place is indescribable, everyone is amazing, each one with their own particularity but always with respect and love for others. I recommend it to everyone, please go live the best experience of your lives.

Love you all and thanks again!


USA - 2022

Volunteering with Opus Gothique was an incredible experience. The work is very physical, which can be tiring at times, but it is also very doable. This opportunity is great for learning languages, as there's a chance that another volunteer is a speaker or learner of your target language/s as well. There's ample free time that I used to explore the surrounding wilderness and build deep connections with the other volunteers, and the organizers planned fun outings for the weekends. The dorm situation is comfortable, and Mark cooks delicious food for lunch. I truly loved my time there.


Colombia - 2022

Todo fue increíble, Sam, Jim y Mark son excelentes anfitriones, pudimos pasear los fines de semana y la comida era buena y abundante, yo la pase muy bien, aunque no es muy recomendable para personas con alergias, pues el ambiente y algunos materiales de construcción pueden activarlas


Usa - 2022

Sam, Jim, and Mark were extremely welcoming, patient, and supportive with all the volunteers. They give you leverage to decide on what part of the job feels most comfortable to you and where you could provide most help. The accommodation is not a 5 star hotel, but you have everything you need: cantina with food supplies and internet, comfortable shared dorm with bathroom, and closed shower just outside the cantina. Plus Mark's cooking really is quite good.

I felt super at home here at Opus Gothique and am very grateful to have had such a wonderful first volunteer opportunity.


UK - 2022

My time at Opus has allowed me to get back to the basics with nature, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Everyone here is very welcoming, and I felt very included from the start. This place is excellent for learning new skills and meeting new friends, an experience I would recommend and will never forget. Thank you to all at the Opus Team.


UK - 2022

From the moment we first arrived at opus, we felt very welcomed. Everyone is very friendly and accommodating. The work is psychical, as mentioned on their FAQ page, although it is rewarding and interesting to acquire new skills and learn about the project itself. The connection with the group of volunteers and hosts is brilliant; we enjoyed socialising with everyone at the weekends and getting to know people from all over the world. We would highly recommend this as a unique experience.


Usa - 2022

My stay was absolutely great, so much so that I am actually still here while writing this review, I decided rather quickly after arriving to extend my stay for an additional 2 weeks.

Sam and the rest of the permanent staff is very friendly and welcoming. Great lunch almost every day made ready, and a lot of options to make yourself breakfast and dinner.

In the weekends I was pleased to find that Sam tries to arrange trips and stuff for the volunteers to experience, so that you also see the area and the local culture.

The nature surrounding is very beautiful and ideal for some nice hikes


Russia - 2022

My experience in Opus Gothique was unforgettable! Sam, Mark and Jim were very attentive to all volunteers, we had a nice simple accommodation, kitchen with all necessary food, they took us for a small trip to the town nearby on the weekend. Lunches that Mark cooked were incredible!

I learned a lot about the project, it’s actually very impressive, I’m happy to be a part of it. The work was hard sometimes, but most of the time we had a lot of fun doing the masonry - it’s a great team work.

I’m happy I chose this place to volunteer, I met a lot of incredible people there! Thank you a lot.