FAQ for Volunteers

What's the work like?

Volunteers are expected to do physical work Monday through Friday from 09:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00. The main work is stonemasonry: mixing mortar, placing stones, and gluing them in place to build up the edifice. We are also looking for individuals with a wide range of skills, including content creation, social media management, and more.

How can I get to Opus Gothique?

If you are flying in from overseas the closest airport is Paris CDG airport

You can take the RER B rail system into Paris to the Châtelet Les Halles stop (about 1 hour). Click here for the RER and Metro map.

You'll change to the Metro 14 subway line going in the direction of Porte de Choisy but getting off at Bercy (about 15 minutes and 2 stops). 

You'll need to walk a few 100 meters to the Gare de Bercy train station and catch a train to Nevers (about 2 hours).

The nearest train station to us is in Nevers (buy tickets here). From Nevers, there is a bus (LR501) to Château-Chinon which costs 1.50€ and takes about 1.5 hours (bus schedule here). 

NB: Pay attention to the bus destination, and ask the driver for the final station. Not all LR501 buses arrive at Château-Chinon. Work the schedule between the train and bus so you don't wait too long or miss the last bus. Do NOT arrive on Sunday as there are NO buses during the day and you will have to find accommodation in Nevers. Travel on other days of the week.

Place Notre Dame, Château-Chinon is the last stop, and it is about 14km from Opus Gothique. 

Once you get on the bus, please text Sam RUSSELL (+33 6 95 46 92 83) so that he knows when to meet you at the stop. 

Exit the Nevers train station and turn left towards the bus station.

The bus station is about 50m straight ahead. To the left is a waiting room where you can get information and across the street to the right are cafés where you can get food and drink.

The bus to Château-Chinon is usually here, but double check with the bus driver to make sure.

What should I pack?

Reccomended Equipment:

Gloves and safety shoes are provided on site.

What other facilities are available to me?

Next to the construction site is the "Canteen" open 24/7 where volunteers can prepare food, hang out, and connect to Wi-Fi.

Across the street from the construction site is the dormitory. There are 2 rooms with a total of 12 beds, a toilet, a shower, and a washing machine.

What do we do after work hours?

When possible, we go on hikes in the nearby national park (Parc naturel régional du Morvan), go for swims in the nearby lake, have barbecues, make music, and watch films. Nearby are many interesting historical and tourist sites like Vézelay, Bibracte, Autun, Château de Bazoches and many more.


Contact Information

Association Opus Gothique

1365 route de Changemois, Lieu-dit Changemois

58120 Saint Léger de Fougeret, 

Parc Naturel Régional du Morvan

Bourgogne, Nièvre, France

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Sam RUSSELL, President, Association Opus Gothique

sam@opusgothique.fr +33-(0)